The Adams Family and Senior Session
December 20, 2020 at 12:00 AM

When mom Jennifer reached out to me in the middle of June 2020 to see if we remembered taking her son's senior photographs two years prior, I was exstatic! It was one of our favorite sessions, and Donovan their son (as well as the entire family) had left a lasting impression on us at the studio with their hilarious antics and fun personalities. She asked if they could book a session for their last and final senior of the family- Taylor. So, we set a date for her consultation later for the year and I couldn't help but be so excited to see them in the studio once again!

Senior sessions are fun, they are expressive, they can be completely taylored (haha, get it?...puns) to each individual's personalities, their quips, and their quirks! That's one of the reasons why we absoltuely love shooting senior and family sessions, it allows space for your senior to express themselves!

We started out in the studio, mom Jennifer and Taylor getting their professional hair and makeup pampering with our professional hair and makeup artist Katie Warlick. Senior photography sessions can be solely for just the senior or the family can join in at the studio, which makes for a really fun day. So while mom and daughter were getting pampered we got to catch up with Jay and Donovan to hear about how their year had been.

The session, once it got into full swing was amazing! We played Taylor's favorite music which was k-pop, had lots of laughs and outfit changes, moving through backdrops seamlessly, and helping them pose to capture the perfect moments. We cannot wait til their next session at the studio and their prints and large metal wall art will be on display proudly for Jay and Jennifer to cherish for many years to come.

Thank you Jay and Jennifer to choosing Mnemosyne Studio to capture your family's precious memories once again!

- Ray and Christy

Special thanks to Professional Hair and Makeup Artist: Katie Warlick Facebook Instagram