Updated Safety Guidelines

How Mnemosyne Studio is protecting you and our community
What policies are we implementing in this ever-changing time?

Covid-19 Safe Operating Policies for Professional Photography

1. Maintain 6 feet social distancing from other individuals.

We practice social distancing to maintain health and safety for all of our clients. In our large 2,200 sq ft. studio, space is ample and open, providing the perfect amount of space to keep and maintain healthy social distancing for all.

2. Online facilitating for some points of contact and appointment only.

All portrait session appointments made will be scheduled with at least one hour time frame between one session and the next. Only one family may be in the studio at one time with a maximum of ten individuals within that family. For sales appointments and consultations we will be offering online zoom video conferece calling to continue creating the best photoshoot experiences designed for each individual client and for the viewing and purchasing of professional wall art galleries and portraits after your session if requested.

3. Sanitizing of all high touch surfaces and wardrobe.

Before every session and after each session we ensure all high touch surfaces, door handles, countertops, tables, etc. are santized with the proper alcohol based sanitizer. Sanitizing of bathrooms, common areas such as seating area, etc. will occur before and after each session. Dresses used in any session will be steam sanitized after every session. It goes without saying that we want to keep our clients safe and healthy, so we have created a small hand sanitizing station for our clients to use upon entering and exiting our studio. 20 seconds hand washing time, using soap and hot water, is our personal policy for our studio employees.

4. Use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Both Ray and Christy will have on hand, personal cloth masks that we will use for ourselves, that meet the CDC's recommendations for protective face mask coverings. These may be used if requested, for the comfort of each client's experience. You are invited to bring your own personal mask (*however, it is not required as we will be able to maintain 6 or more feet apart during our sessions).

5. Hands-off experience.

Due to state stay-at-home orders, we are currently unable to offer professional hair and makeup for our sessions. We are working to give all of our clients either a one-on-one online session with our professional hair and makeup artists, or Christy Miller, photographer and co-owner. These will be personalized 30 minute makeup and hair recommendations, helping our clients utilize the makeup they already have at home, with professional techniques for application, or recommendations for any purchases so that our clients will look their absolute best on the day of their sessions!

*All adjustments to posing and hair will no longer be made in contact with clients, but by requesting our clients make small adjustments with helpful visual posing examples, and mirror posing techniques.


- Our studio will be sanitized thoroughly before and after each client (including wardrobe, and high touch areas) - PPE will be used by our staff upon request for the comfort of our clients - 6 feet for social distancing - We offer some online facilitation for our regular points of contact, and client convenience - Hair and Makeup will be assisted via online tutorials for you to apply your makeup like a pro from home!

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