Four Women You Can Celebrate for International Women's Day!
March 8, 2021 at 5:00 AM
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What better way to kick off the celebration of International Women's Day than to celebrate four local women who are absolutely rocking their businesses?! How can you celebrate women today? You could go to your local library and check out a ton of books on women's rights, you could search articles online for hours on end, or you could listen to some podcasts from your favorite big name personality.....OR You can simply take a moment to check these incredible ladies' stories, websites, and links below. Share your thoughts on their stories on social media, send a link to a friend that you may know could use their services, or just give them a shout out online using YOUR plaftorm!

Megan Grant

Cherish Tours was founded by Megan Grant on the belief that women should not feel held back from incredible travel experiences because they don’t have a group to travel with. Our mission is to bring together women of all walks of life to travel to amazing destinations around the world. Each Cherish trip is designed to cultivate companionship in like-minded women while supporting women abroad through intentional tourism dollars. Our first trip will be to Costa Rica in October of 2021. We are currently taking Discovery Forms with official reservations to open in April. Cherish provides once in a lifetime trips for women to experience local culture, cherish their vacations, meet other like-minded women, and make a real impact along the way.

Megan Grant

"Cherish aims to open the door to the world for women. Empowering women travelers to cherish themselves, their time off and each other. Coming together for curated travel experiences, not only allows women to take more vacations that they have been dreaming about, but also adds a layer of safety and security by traveling in small groups.⁠⁠
With women like YOU in mind, Cherish's website will launch in celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th.⁠⁠"- Megan Grant

Megan Grant

Founder & CEO

Cherish Tours

IG: @gocherishtours

Take a Memory with Us!

Faith Drew

"Reflecting on where I came from, I was born in Pusan, South Korea and adopted at 5 months of age. I grew up as one of the only Asians in my immediate community. I learned early on to be kind to everyone despite differences, because, well, I was the different one usually. I learned that although I might look different there are many internal characteristics and needs that as humans, we all share. We all share a desire to connect and to belong. The way I grew up has influenced my profession as a couples therapist - I listen to each person’s unique story, I learn who they are as individuals and who has helped shape who they are, and I help them be in-relationship with one another that honors their autonomy and creates connection and belongingness. I am grateful for many things: being adopted, the opportunities of being part of a loving family, sharing life's adventures with my husband, being amazed at creating life and seeing her grow up as her own independent being, and using my talents to help my community." - Faith Drew

Dr. Faith Drew

Dr. Faith Drew, LMFT, is a female entrepreneur and co-owns two private therapy practices with her husband, Dr. George Bitar, LMFT. In addition to running operations and managing a team for both Connect Couples Therapy, PLLC, specializing in couples therapy helping couples strengthen, repair, and heal, and In Session Psychotherapy, PLLC, specializing in working with individuals to manage anxiety and work through distress. She co-presents The Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshop for Couples with her husband. Faith helps to create fulfilling relationships working with couples in private, structured 2-day couples intensives.

She has been married for 18-years and is a mom to a 4-year-year old daughter and 9-year-old Westie. She loves traveling and is a foodie-at-heart - however, since the beginning of COVID-19, she is making the most of staying-at-home and cooking, her speciality is a box of shells & cheese.

Social media:

Instagram @connectcouplestherapy



Lianne Hofer

Lianne is a Clutter Specialist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Happy For No Reason Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. She's here to help guide you through the process of uncovering yourself to find the rich fulfilling life you deserve. She's been featured on Charlotte's WBTV. Watch Lianne on WBTV.

Lianne Hofer

"At an early age my Grandma said, "You have all the answers you need". I had no idea what she meant back then.

Today, I realize she meant to trust myself. Trust is something we all struggle with....especially ourselves. When I decided to trust I had gifts to share, my world changed dramatically! Today I share how we can be happy. It is possible and can be easier than we imagine. at the age of 4 I made the decision to be happy and today I share with others how to be happy. In everyday life it is the small things, saying hello and looking someone in the eye when I say it. It is sharing uplifting responses on social media and sharing photos and quotes to lift those who follow me. When I ran a large networking group, it was high fives to EVERYONE in the room! It is the daily hugs, family talk over dinner and inspirational messages left on the mirror. Sharing happiness makes me happy and I am blessed to be able to spread it all around." - Lianne Hofer

Wakena Colón

Wakena is the owner and founder of Celebrations Remembered, a unique party planning business that creates fun, creative, stress-free celebrations since 2018. Their core values include family first with their all inclusive party planning that includes clean up and setup, leaving your family able to fully enjoy the party or event you want to celebrate. Her passion, creativity, and incredible service experiences allows her clients to relax on the day of their big event and leave the stress, cleanup, and planning worries to Celebrations Remembered.

Wakena Colòn

"I understand that planning a celebration, especially in your home, can be extremely stressful. My team and I want to take away that stress so you can nenjoy your special day with your family and friends. We love working with families who want to celebrate life's special moments with intimate in-home celebrations, but just don't have the time or energy." - Wakena Colòn

Celebrations Remebered


Instagram @Celebrations_Remembered