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Celebrating Family
April 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Mnemosyne Studio

There are a lot of ways this summer that you and your family can stay active, or just enjoy your time with one another. June has come and gone already and the summer is in full swing! Are you ready for your summer fun plans? We hope you aren't dreading it, but if you are, we have some great ideas for you to head out and enjoy your days spent with family.

Apart from July 4th, barbeques, grilling out, and stressing about your menus, what do you have planned? If you're like us you might be realizing you haven't done much family planning. You could be tired of the constant "head in screen" syndrome that you kids have suddenly adopted now that school is out and you really want to just have a plan for some nice afternoons out with your family but you're not really sure where to start. 

1. First things first- Take a breath, and maybe take a walk! It's easy to feel lazy for summer but there are a lot of beautiful places you and your family can go for a nice walk. You could make it a morning routine for you and your kids to go for a walk (before or after you come home if you're working!). Or you could plan a nice trip to a local state park such as Morrow Mountain State Park to make it a special occassion. Pack a lunch, grab your cameras, snap some beautiful photos, and print them out for a little scrapbook of your adventure!